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Jordan Chase knows. This week's episode of Dexter concluded with a scene that made raised the stakes for the show's title character and made it clear that he and Lumen must speed up their plans for revenge.
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Dexter gets a lot closer to Jordan Chase on this Sunday's new episode of the Showtime hit. See what we mean in one of the clips attached here.
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Dexter tries to get closer to Jordan Chase on the November 21 installment of this Showtime drama. But will this relationship expose the serial killer's mission?
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Various plot holes contributed to another lackluster episode of Dexter this week. But the episode at least ended with a surprise, giving this critic hope that the tension will grow even more intense as the season progresses.
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I put her in a short skirt, so we could see her panties when she's falling.


There are no secrets in life, just hidden truths that lie beneath the surface.

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