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Dexter has his sights on a new victim: a murderer that just happens to also be a used-car salesman. Sounds about right to us!

Meanwhile, Dexter's can't bring himself to lie to Rita about his late-night activities, which has her thinking that he's a drug addict. Dexter actually admits to this because, hey, he can't tell her the truth! She threatens to leave him if he doesn't commit to a 12-step program to deal with his supposed addiction. While in this recover, Dexter meets a sexy, mysterious woman named Lila.

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Dexter Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

(to Dexter) I need your help, buddy. The pressure's fucking redonkulous.


Dexter: So you're single?
Brunette: (hesitates) Yeah...
Dexter: Makes it tougher to afford those big-ticket items, like cars and... houses. You rent an apartment?
Brunette: A house. You know, I hate sharing walls. You can hear everything.
Dexter: Tell me about it. No pets though, right?
Brunette: Is this a come-on? Because it's a little weird.
Dexter: Must be why I'm still single. (leaves abruptly)