Heading Home - Devils
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Massimo awakes from a nightmare to a phone call from his father. He and Sofia race to his hometown of Cetara, Italy. They come upon protests by fishermen. Eleanor gets herself inside the Italian bond auction by forcing out the trader in charge. As Massimo goes to visit his dying father, he remembers a tragic accident from his youth. Dominic and Chris reassure a nervous Franco Jannone before the bond auction. Then Dominic orders Eleanor to sell at half the price he'd promised Jannone. Back at Massimo's house, Sofia checks in with Duval. A rock crashes through the window. Eleanor is dodging Massimo's texts while trying to determine what to do about Dominic's orders. Eleanor attempts to convince clients to bid at a  level, so as not to defy Dominic while not ruining Italy. But client Sarti balks, dooming her plan. Massimo wants to rescue his father's boats, but not many in town are happy to see him. Jannone is upset by Dominic's actions. Then Eleanor and Chris get into it about who's at fault. Duval ransacks Sofia's apartment, finding the dossier. Massimo gets beaten up when he offers to help the fishermen of Cetara who are deeply in debt. Sofia rescues him. The Italian economy is in trouble. Massimo tells Sofia about the incident that made him a pariah in Cetara. He shows her the juvenile center where he served time. Massimo's father was paid off and Massimo took the fall. Oliver invokes Dominic's name to bring around the reluctant Sarti. Dominic congratulates Eleanor for paying off Sarti. Massimo makes peace with Stefano. Sofia has to go back to London but Massimo is hanging around Cetara. Duval confronts Sofia about hiding the document. Massimo makes peace with his father before he dies. Then he burns his father's boat.

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Devils Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Sofia: Not how you remember it?
Massimo: I don't know why I came.
Sofia: Maybe he wants to make amends. He's dying.

Sofia: Dominic wouldn't be running this auction if it weren't important.
Massimo: I should be in London. Not here.