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Emily, Lyor, and Kirkman interview a bunch of senators and politicians in search of a VIce President. Kirkman doesn't feel like he needs one, but Emily reminds him that he does because of a story that may be released the next day. They prefer that he pick one that evening. He isn't enthused with the selection and wants them to widen the options. 

A city-wide blackout happens. Hannah notices that Damian's ankle monitor is out. She goes to the safe house (with no backup) and finds a guard down, Damian's ankle monitor on the ground and Damian is gone. 

Lyor is rude to the Prime Minister of Japan when he and Emily are discussing deferral options. He and Emily are stuck in the elevator when the power goes out.

Aaron rules it a cyber attack. They figure it could be a prelude to a larger attack. 

Seth finds the anniversary gift that Emily left out for him and realizes they never officially broke up.

The citywide blackout affects everything. The mayor comes in and Tom sets her up at the White House. 

Hannah tracks down Damian and finds him shooting someone. She goes to take him in and finds out that the guy he shot had her address and as about to kill her.

Residents are starting riots and looting during the blackout. Someone was killed. Aaron suggests bringing in the National Guard. 

The brother of the guy who tried to kill Damian (who Hannah killed) is the guy who tried to kill Hannah in retaliation. Damian wanted Hannah to find him. He tells her that the Russian woman wants Hannah dead, but he won't say why.

The others are still looking for Lyor and Emily. 

Lyor tells Emily that she would be a great candidate for president one day.

The mayor pulls back the DC police force and she and Tom get into an argument. She calls him out for coming across as a dictator when he proposes imposing Martial law.

Chuck figures out that the key to the hack is Alan Turings birthdate. 

Trey smoothes things over with the Japanese prime minister and convincing them to extend the bonds.

Kirkman and the Mayor head out to the communities to appeal to them and remind them that the mayor is part of their community and they should take care of one another.

Lyor talks about his childhood and why he's so precise and particular as a result of his father. 

The lights are back on. 

Kirkman nominates Mayor Darby for Vice President.

Tom confronts his brother about quitting his job to be with him and the kids.

Hannah confronts Damian's Russian handler. 



Designated Survivor
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Designated Survivor Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Trey: Tell me who killed JFK and all will be forgiven.
Tom: You're going to have to work your way up to that.

The point is we don't need to have a vice president right now.