Deception Season 1

"I'll Start With the Hillbilly"

New information leads to Vivian's murder investigation to be reopened while Edward considers his revenge on the season finale of Deception.

"You're the Bad Guy"

When Will discovers Joanna slept with Julian she gets kicked off the case, and tapes of Vivian's therapy sessions emerge on Deception.

"Good Luck With Your Death"

Hoping to find out the truth, Robert flies Joanna's mother to New York while Joanna looks into Julian's girlfriend on Deception.

"Stay With Me"

The family business takes a hit when Edward makes a confession during a press conference and does Mia's biological father have ulterior motives for contacting her on Deception?

"Tell Me"

The Senator reveals the truth of who is is to Mia while Joanna ends up in a shootout as she chases down a lead on Deception.

"Don't Be a Dummy"

Searching for answers about Vivian's murder, Will visits Edward's home while Mia takes off with Kyle after her coming out party on Deception.

"Why Wait"

When the truth about her real mother comes out in the papers, Mia's coming out party falls flat and her life will never be the same on Deception.

"One, Two, Three...One, Two, Three"

Joanna uncovers that Julian isn't revealing all he knows about the night of Vivian's murder while Robert and Sofia finally meet Mia's boyfriend on Deception.

"A Drop of Blood and a Microscope"

Joanna grows closer to Samantha and Julian while Mia makes some reckless choices on this week's Deception.

"Nothing's Free, Little Girl"

On Deception, as Joanna searches for the truth about what happened the night Vivian died, she finds fingers being pointed at Edward.


The Deception premiere takes us inside the Bowers family. Which of them is a killer?

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