Nora and Damien- DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 6
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Two years ago, when Gary is cleaning up the Beebo vs Mallus fight, he sees Damien Darhk.

In the present, Sara rejects Constantine's want to find the Loom of Fate.

An Encore is detected in Salvation, 1874.

Ray plans on proposing to Nora during his date with her at Constantine's home.

Charlie disguises herself as Nate and tells Constantine about a false lead regarding the Loom.

Gary phases to Salvation in 1874. Sara and Ava save him, but he believes he is in 2018.

Damien shows up to Ray and Nora's date. He is an Encore.

Ray takes Nora's charge to the Waverider and distracts her with Mr. Parker's Cul-De-Sac tapes while Nora deals with her father.

Gideon tells Sara and Ava about the new Encore at Constantine's home.

Zari helps Mick deal with an online troll. They track her down and it turns out to be Ali's daughter, Lita. She tells him she is Mick's daughter as well.

Nora convinces Sara and Ava to pretend to work for her to appease her dad. She wants one night with Damien so she can strip him of his powers and he can live.

Gary starts making a potion to strip Damien's powers.

Constantine runs into Nate and realizes Charlie tricked him.

Constantine shows up at his house and he fights with Damien. Nora stops them and tells Damien that they are a couple.

Mick mindwipes Ali and Lita.

Constantine asks Damien about the Loom of Fate.

Ava answers Sara's phone and finds out about a job she was offered in Star CIty.

As Gary is serving dessert, with Damien's doused in the potion, Ava finds an engagement ring in hers that was meant for Nora from Ray.

Nora tells Damien the truth. He attacks everyone and takes the hell sword.

Charlie, Nate, Behrad, and Pippa transport themselves to the house. Pippa wishes that they were all on Mr. Parker's Cul-De-Sac.

Sara and Ava, as puppets, make up.

Constantine convinces Charlie to help him find the Loom by promising to destroy it after he uses it on Astra.

Pippa releases Nora as her fairy godmother and they all escape the show.

Nora accepts Ray's proposal and they get married.

Damien stabs himself with the hell sword.

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