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Rip is recalling a time when he was behind bars and Savage was taunting him.

All this time we were supposed to know Savage didn't move through time. I always thought that was common knowledge. 

Dude has dozens of children, considers himself a master of time instead of a time master.

Kendra questions Carter, says her name is whatever, tells him he's Carter. Blah.

Sara wonders why Rip is pushing the ship past its limits. Just as he promises Sara it will hold together because he's the man, it doesn't hold together.

Sara wonders how Savage knows so much about everyone. He shares that Rip's lies and his quest to save his family will be the death of them all. 

Jax is doing something and it blows up.

The explosion sends him into a memory of his mother giving him a gift of a watch that was meant for his father. It was the last time he ever saw her. 

Jax's internal organs are aging at an accelerated rate; his outside will soon follow.

Mick is annoyed that future snacks are all sugar free.

Rip is playing the victrola and Sara wonders why Rip wonders about his family. Sara wonders why they've thrown in with a captain who cares more about himself than he does his crew.

Kendra drones on about a dude who has had his mind erased remembering his feelings IN FRONT of the man she's supposed to marry.

That man goes to Savage and asks how to free "Carter's" mind.

Savage mocks Ray. Chayara used to love Savage, but she has no memory of it now. Or in a long time. Or whatever. He claims they were once very happy.

Felicity cameo. She was in her chair when he said goodbye, just to make things even more confusing. WAS she in her chair?

Kendra is babbling about eternity and love when Ray returns. Ray, Ray!!!

Ray wants to end things unless Kendra can say he'll ever be anything other than Carter's placeholder.

Jax is suffering from osteoarthritis.

Snart and Rip do not find what Jax is going through funny. In fact, they are fresh out of faith. They want to check out. Sara is with them. Since the mission to kill Savage seems to be off the table, there isn't a reason for them to stick around.

Sara decides she's not one to run from a fight and stays behind. She remembers paying Nyssa a visit when Nyssa was imprisoned. Sara wanted to get her out because Nyssa was in there because of Sara. They hug.

Stein goes to see Savage, to ask him to share the immortality ritual he used with Carter's body on Jax. Stein has roofied Jax with the plan to send him through the time stream in the jump ship with the hope that it will cure Jax.

Stein remembers Clarissa. He tells her the experiment does have something to do with time travel, but he'll be home before she even knows it. 

Snart and Mick arrive at the jump ship to find it gone. Now they need to fix the Waverider to deliver Savage to the vanishing point.

Ray wants to punch Savage, who gets Ray into a chokehold and escapes. Great.

Ray makes it to the main cabin just as the others have fixed the ship. Savage has freed Carter and disengaged Gideon. They gotta do it by hand.

Everyone is going down. Only Carter, Kendra and Savage are left standing. Of course, that's when Hawkman sprouts his wings and gets his memories back.

Savage knifes him in the gut, Carter says, "Kendra," and Kendra takes down the others.

Instead of picking up the weapon and killing Savage, Kendra just stands there and raises her eyebrow.

They reach the Vanishing Point. The Time Council takes over the Waverider. They think Rip is there to answer for his crimes. He says he's there to justify them.

Rip showed his evidence to the time council and learned they in league with Savage.

Rip is in cell in jeans and a leather aviator jacket. 

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Savage: Do you have something to ask me?
Rip: How did you obtain the ability to travel through time?
Savage: Through you.

I don't know if you've been paying attention, professor, but murdering Savage was always the plan.