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We pick right up where the end of the pilot left off. Oct. 19, 1975 in Norway. Kendra and Carter really want to go back in time to fix what happened. They can't, it's not that simple.

The Waverider has a room that makes indigenous clothing.

The team decides to head into the nuke sale on their own. Stein uses his knowledge of historical bombings to get them in.

Damien Darhk is also there. Savage, however, isn't one of the buyers, he's the seller.

Savage recognizes the "group" doesn't fit and has visions of the Hawkpeople.

A fight ensues. Sara is kicking ass because suddenly other people have pipes with which to fight her and Ray pops out of Steins pocket. Mick is setting things on fire and Snart is freezing things. The music is all kinds of fun.

Atom flies into the bomb and it doesn't turn off. Instead, Firestorm has to fly the thing off so it can explode, and he can absorb the energy within .06 seconds. Done!

Except when Ray was inside the bomb, he dropped a little piece of his suit outside of it, and Savage's cronies found it and they create a weapon far more heinous than anything they had in 1975. Now Central City 2016 is a burning ember.

They need to find the piece of the suit, which can be tracked by tracking alpha particles. And who was studying that particular thing in the 70s? Well, Stein!

Stein, Jax and Sara go to meet Young Stein. He's the ultimate cool guy.

Carter is trying to get Kendra to remember everything about her life as Chayara. When she remembers them being together together and Carter takes the opportunity to get randy, she pushes back.

Vandal is trying to figure out everything he can about the ATOM bit.

Ray doesn't know how to break and enter.

Stein has fun telling Marty what not to eat in anticipation of his future. He doesn't want Sara flirting with Marty, especially since this is the night he will meet Clarissa.

Ray and Snart get caught in a cage while stealing the knife. Whoops.

While arguing, Sara knocks Marty out with a bong.

Ray and Snart bond a little while stuck behind bars.

Kendra tells Carter she refuses to give in to the concept of destiny and the more Carter says he's her future, the more she wants to prove him wrong.

She remembers the knife and the poem upon it.

Sara gets the ATOM part while the other boys discover who owns the house they're in. Vandal Savages.

Stein's wedding ring disappears and he panics. Marty has followed them instead of going to the party.

The Hawks take the knife and go in to kill Savage. The others are outside battling his army. They have so many different skills it's funny to watch.

They find out too late that since the blade was Chayara's, it must be her who wield's it. Savage kills Carter. His powers are released and Savage sucks 'em up.

Savage stabs Chayara, as well, but before he can send the death blow, Firestorm blasts him away. They take her back to the ship.

She's totally distraught because she finally remembered how she felt about him in their past lives and she didn't get to tell him.

While they wait for Kendra to get better, Rip takes Stein to the faculty mixer. He sees himself meeting Clarissa for the first time, kissing the first time.

Now it's time for Rip to give the pep talk. Do they want to fish or cut bait? Return to 2016 and become insignificant losers or take another stab at becoming legends? Snart says he didn't know Carter from Adam, but if you take one of his crew, he kicks their ass. They all agree. They'll carry on. For Carter.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Time is like cement. It takes time to become permanent.


Rip: While you were busy saving Norway from nuclear annihilation...
Mick: You're welcome, Norway.
Rip: Savage sent one of his cronies back to the site of the arms sale. Anyone care to guess what he found?
Ray [looks at his wrist]: Whoops.