Addressing The Squad - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 4
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Colette throws another party for the squad at her house, which Beth does not attend. At the party, Addy gives Beth her hamsa bracelet. 

Beth tells Addy and Riri about an upcoming party at a local motel. 

Colette excuses herself from practice so she can meet Will and leaves Addy in charge. Later, Colette texts Addy to pick her up from Will's so she can retrieve her car. 

Bert takes Beth and Tacy to therapy, which is derailed when Beth reveals that she saw Bert and her mother having sex. This causes Bert to cut off Beth's mother financially. 

Colette and Will hook up in a room at school, and it causes her to be late picking up her daughter from daycare. She later fights with Matt and admits that she feels trapped in her current life. 

While out with Michael, whom he is recruiting, Will admits he once had a wife but lost her. 

Beth, Addy, and Riri attend the motel party with Kurtz and fellow marine Tibbs, and they drink excessively. After a fight breaks out in the parking lot, the girls scramble to leave but Addy can't find Beth. She eventually locates her in the backseat of her car, but she can't take her home due to her condition. She calls Colette, who tells her not to bring Beth there, but she disobeys and shows up anyway. 

Dare Me
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Dare Me Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Bert: Beth, why don't you just apologize. Make everyone happy, so we can get the rest of our afternoon back.
Beth: Well, I think people should be responsible for their choices. Even very small, weak people. This is really about accountability.
Tacy: I didn't give myself borderline hypothermia.

Riri: You know, I really thought she might come this time.
Addy: Enter enemy territory? No way.
Riri: Yeah, but, what is she doing after practice everyday?