Dealing With Mom - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 5
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The days after the motel party are seen through the eyes of Addy, Colette, and Beth. 

From Addy's point of view, she wakes up and sees Beth and Colette talking on Beth's deck, and then Beth tells Addy they have to leave. The next day, she meets with Colette and Colette expresses her disappointment in Addy. 

At school, Addy sees Kurtz confront Beth in the hallway and she later asks Beth what happened on Friday and she says nothing. 

At the pep rally, Tacy falls while attempting a move Colette warned her not to do and subsequently kicks Riri in the face and knocks out soon of her teeth. Addy saves the teeth by placing them in milk. 

While at the hospital, Addy's mom invites Beth over to spend the night but she declines. 

From Colette's point of view, she wakes up and talks with Beth and asks her what happened. Later, Colette finds out the squad has made regionals and shares the news with Bert. 

Will visits Colette before the pep rally to warn her about Kurtz and Beth. 

After Riri is hurt, Colette accompanies her to the hospital and Riri's mother comes and blames Colette.

From Beth's point of view, she wakes up and is frantically searching for a necklace Bert gave to her. She ignores Kurt's vulgar texts throughout the next few days but eventually asks him if he can look for her necklace at the motel. 

At school, Kurtz tells her he couldn't find the necklace and infers that he was sorry for something that took place between them. 

At the pep rally, Beth appears to suffer a panic attack both before the routine and after Riri's injury. 

Addy's mom returns Beth's necklace to her, after finding it in her car. She hides in a bathroom stall after seeing Colette come in and watches her smooth out her necklace on the counter. 

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Dare Me Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Addy: Nothing happened. We were out of there before the cops came. And no one's gonna talk.
Colette: Okay. Not even Beth?
Addy: Especially Beth. Beth never talks about anything. Not even to me.

Addy: What were you and coach talking about?
Beth: Nothing. Girlfriends just pissed you brought me there last night. So am I. It was the last place you should have taken me.