Keeping a Secret Safe - Dare Me
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Colette meets with Addy and Beth and asks them not to tell anyone about her and Will. 

Colette meets with Will and tells him that she can't take any chances right now and breaks things off with him. Later, she hooks up with her husband, while Will drinks alone at his home. 

The cheerleading squad is invited to submit a tape to the state.

Beth continuously jokes about having a video of Colette and Will, causing Addy to steal her phone. Addy asks Jordy for help unlocking a cryptic app, but he's unsuccessful. When Addy looks in the trash file on the phone, she finds a short clip that only shows the front of Will's car. 

Beth and Riri cheer at a local bar and then return to Beth's house with two older men. 

Will gives Addy a hair clip Colette left in his car and tells her about his history with Colette. 

Addy returns to the clip to Colette and urges her to go see Will which she does. 

Beth looks at a file on her computer which shows a longer version of the video Addy previously saw. 

Presumably, in the future, someone wearing white shoes comes upon a large amount of blood. 

Dare Me
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Dare Me Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Addy: Not everything is a game.
Beth: But it could be.

Beth: I was right, ya know.
Addy: Right?
Beth: She's a liar. And a cheater. And an appallingly bad one.