All Eyes on Beth - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 1
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A flashforward shows Addy slowly driving down this street with blood on her hands, just before a figure slams their hand on her windshield. 

Three months earlier, Addy and Beth are drinking and getting ready for the cheerleading season. Their new coach, Colette French, is introduced to the squad. 

Colette puts Beth's little half-sister Tacy on the top of the pyramid in practice, causing Beth to be upset as she was previously the top girl. 

At the first football game, Beth shows up late and Colette again appoints Tacy to be the top girl. 

At an after-party, Beth and Tacy's father, Bert, details his plan for a new football stadium that he implies hinges on the success of the cheerleading squad. As the project manager of the stadium, Colette's husband, Matt, is unaware that Bert recruited Colette to be the cheerleading coach and not him to be the project manager. 

Beth, Addy and other students party in the woods and Beth finds a gun and starts firing it. Addy is able to talk her down, while a former student, Sgt. Will, takes the gun from her. 

Later that night, Addy and Beth return to the woods to find Beth's phone and see Colette and Sgt. Will hooking up in a truck. 

Dare Me
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