A Challenger - Dare Me Season 1 Episode 6
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With Riri out for Regionals due to a concussion, Colette gives her part in the routine to Addy. 

Colette, Matt, and Madison go out for lunch and Will sees them there. Later, while attempting to recruit Michael, Will tells him not to join the Marines. This leads to an altercation with Kurtz. 

Beth has nightmares involving Kurtz and starts running due to not being able to sleep. 

The squad stuffs Tacy's purse with used tampons in retaliation for Riri's injury. 

Matt invites Colette to dinner with him, Bert and JJ, as they're looking to get a meeting with JJ's boss. Addy comes by to watch Madison so Colette can get ready, and Will shows up drunk to the house. 

He and Colette sleep together, causing Colette to be late for dinner. 

After snapping on JJ in defense of Colette, Matt leaves the dinner abruptly. After stopping for cigarettes, Colette returns home with a cut on her forehead and the front of her vehicle destroyed. 

Beth has another nightmare and while out running Addy joins her. 

Dare Me
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Dare Me Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Matt: You know that saying: never press a desperate foe.
Colette: Who's desperate here?
Matt: We all are.

We can point fingers. But blame is pointless. Blaming others, blaming yourself. It eliminates focus and focus is what we need to get back on track before regionals. If Riri comes back from the doctor today with a concussion, she's useless to us. But her misfortune will be someone else's opportunity to shine and take her spot.