Creeley Looks Into His Brother - Damnation
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Amelia wonders if anyone saw Seth nail up Sam Riley's body. Seth hopes town folks think the Strikebreaker did it.

Creeley and Seth have different mothers. Creeley wants Bessie to read him the rest of his letter. Martin Edgars Hyde, PhD., wants to stop the infiltration of Communism under the guise of organized labor.

Creeley toys with the sheriff about who might be sending a message while Seth addresses his congregation about who migh have nailed up Sam Riley's body.

He wants to starve this town as one mind before allowing the bankers and grocers steal their farms.

While outside the church, the Black Legion rides by shooting the congregation and only Preacher Gotta Gun. It surprises the reporter quite a bit that he's such a good shot.

Bessie wants the major newspaper from every major city delivered to her room at the brothel. She discusses cocksuckers who will do anything if you toss enough cash at them and proceeds to toss enough cash at them. She also bribes him not to cover Sam Riley's death or the "simple communist revolts" that are taking place in town.

When Bessie asks Creeley which side he's on, he says he doesn't have a side. He has a job.

Amelia has her basket of suspected items and when the sheriff arrives at her place with Sam's body, he checks inside to find her disgusting bisquits.

He wants to speak with Seth.

Seth and Preston are tracking the Black Legion. Whoever Seth shot is a bleeder.

Preston wonders where Seth learned to shoot. From his father, Seth shares. Seth is helping their town because he has seen what happens when a place like theirs doesn't have someone on their side.

Amelia reaches a pond where she tosses the hammer. She lights a cigarette while Creeley watches from across the water in the trees.

A carfull of men is passing through on their way to Detroit. They want to get there to help friends take on strikebreakers. Seth wonders if they're armed. It's no big deal if they are, and if they aren't they should take some pipes. Or, get the hell out of dodge beause they're done being victims around there.

Martin Eggers Hyde is writing letters and sharing with Calvin Rumple why they're trying to bankrupt the town's citizens. Because there really isn't a depression. Humans are enjoying a great evolutionary leap forward. They just don't need the unwashed rural masses anymore because they'll be taken over by machines. Take the lucious taste of the Twinkie. That is the picture of our future.

It's time to start auctioning off farms to the highest bidder so...well, Eggars doesn't exactly say for what the farms will be used, but in his mind, one can only expect the making of Twinkies.

Connie Nunn goes to find another guy she hates, keeps his girl from getting caught in the fray and kills everyone in the house.

Connie takes the distraut girl into her arms.

Creeley goes into Seth's house where he finds an envelope his brother keeps hidden under a drawer. It has photos Creeley finds interesting.

Seth is in town leading a strike pickets and all.

Amelia meets with Mrs. Riley. She never liked either Sam's strike nor Seth's sermons. But with a dead husband and a jailed son, her farm is in foreclosure and she wants them to do whatever it takes to bring them sons a bitches down.

Seth finds a member of the Black Legion and does him a bit of damage, demanding he cue him in on all future BL activities lest something bad happen.

Bessie is in her room clipping articles of news of strikes across the country.

Berryman visits and Bessie immediately starts talking like a whore. The sheriff is her father, and he's finally ready to be a governing presence in her life.

He wants to know why Creeley is there, what he's really after. She assures him that she doesn't do anything that isn't for money.

Creeley is sitting in Seth's kitchen eating Amelia's dried up bisquits.

He tells Amelia that killin' is Seth's god-given gift. He says he wants her to live and leaves her with a gun. Leave Seth and take her cause somewhere else or else she'll find out who that demon really is.

He shows her the picture he found in the drawer. He tried warnin' her about Seth, too, but she didn't believe him either. Creeley walks out, and Amelia picks up the photo.

Amelia starts cleaning up the table quickly as Seth comes back home. He comes in and kisses her, holding her in an embrace. Amelia looks over at the photo. Creeley watches from outside the window. What now?

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Damnation Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Amelia: What did it feel like?
Seth: Nailing up Sam's body? It felt like touching God.

Maybe we can win this war, maybe we can't. But I'm not going to let people keep pretending it's not going on.