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To begin and end this episode, we get a glimpse into Patty's dreams. In one, she sees Uncle Pete. In the second, she is about to eat the cupcakes Ellen made for her birthday. In each, a horse - which she really wants, like she's a child - is present in her apartment and in each she has bloody feet or hands.


As for the non-dream world, we got to know Carol Tobin a lot better this week. She's Louis' daughter and she grieved like crazy for her dad at his grave. She even said his investors should be underground and not him. When Joe reveals that Lou took his own life and even shows Carol and Marilyn the vial of poision he used to do it, Carol is a mess.

Marilyn claims to be unaware of Lou's suicide plans or his hidden money, but we have serious doubts about that. We also go back to Thanksgiving night and see Marilyn confront Danielle in the lobby of the former's building when the latter stops by to bring Lou his pills. Marilyn asks about Danielle's child and Danielle confirms she kept her. The reason? I loved him, Danielle says. We bet she's referring to Joe and it's his daughter.

Later in the episode, Marilyn is there when this teenage girl steps out of a car and says it's about time the two met.

Meanwhile, we told you Carol was angry and upset, right? She goes to Danielle'sand tries to get information out of her, but Danielle politely dismisses her. Carol leaves, we see she has the same vial of liquid that her dad took in her hand and then we see what Tom sees when he later stops by Danielle's apartment: she's been killed.

As for Tom, we got these glimpses into his murder five months down the line:

  • He's crawling on the floor, trying to leave his apartment, but is dragged back in.
  • He's at a pay phone and seemingly leaving a message for his wife that he loves her, while barely breathing and holding his wounded abdomen.
  • A man with black, leather gloves is tossing his in a dumpster.

Back in present day, Joe confronts Lenny with the envelope in front of his dad's dead body. It tells where the money is and names Stuart Zedeck as the man who can get it to the Tobins. Lenny acts like this is all a mystery to him. When he sets up a meeting with Zedeck, the latter's associate shows up and says Zedeck doesn't feel comfortable making any transactions until things are safer.

In other news:

- Josh, the reporter from West Virginia we met last night, shows up because he has a new job in Mahattan and asks Ellen to be an anonymous source at the District Attorney's office. We later sees these two in bed together.

- A woman named Alex interviews to take Ellen's place at the firm. Patty even arranges a drink between Alex and Ellen, with the former saying she'd love to have no life and be owned by Patty. Interesting to see how this will play out.

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