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Amazing news, television fans: DirecTV has jumped in and saved Damages. It will air two more seasons of 10 episodes each.
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Damages is a hit drama on FX.

The series is a thrilled set in the world of New York City litigation. It stars Glenn Close as shady, no-nonsense lawyer Patty Hewes. During the show's first season, she hired Ellen Parsons as a protege. These two eventually tangled - mostly behind each other's backs - throughout a contentious civil action lawsuit they were prosecuting.

With Hewes, more than just fortunes are at stake. Lives are, too. She plays a dangerous game of litigation that has caused Ellen to fight back. The tension between these two is the driving force behind Damages.

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Damages Quotes

Everyone's looking to play an angle.

Patty Hewes

You just wanna arrest Patty Hewes... I want to destroy her.