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-John Ross tries to convince Lucy to persuade her father, Gary to side with him over the oil on Southfork but it doesn't work.

-John Ross tells Bobby about the consequences for not delivering the oil.  Bobby won't back down and threatens to take Southfork back and kick John Ross and J.R. off the property forever.

-Sue Ellen strong arms Elena into using her oil to help John Ross out of his bind with the Venezuelans. Elena agrees.

-John Ross tells Vincente that Marta double crossed him.

-Marta tells John Ross she's kidnapped Elena but when he arrives at her hotel room he realizes she's lying. The two fight, Marta scratches him and he leaves.

-Soon after Marta is thrown from her balcony and killed.  John Ross is arrested for her murder.

-Ryland presses charges against Bobby for assault but drops them when Bobby apologizes. He then gives Bobby an envelope that holds Ann's secrets.

-Bobby chooses not to open it and gives it to Ann, asking her to trust him with the truth.

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Dallas Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I'm sorry I threw up in your bathroom.


Don't you have some cows to go birth?

John Ross