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Dallas Season 1


Who will live, who will die and when the truth comes out, how many will suffer the consequences on the Dallas season finale?

"Family Business"

On Dallas, John Ross is forced to choose between family and business when a medical scare strikes the Ewings. When Tommy is pushed to the edge, how will Rebecca react?

"No Good Deed"

On Dallas, will John Ross survive in prison? How far will the Ewings go to keep him safe?

"Collateral Damage"

Rebecca reveals a secret to Elena and John Ross tries to use family against family on Dallas.

"The Enemy of My Enemy"

On Dallas, John Ross has to do J.R.'s dirty work. Bobby finds out Annie's secret and Rebecca thinks she can help save Southfork.

"Truth and Consequences"

On Dallas, Rebecca'a confession brings things to a head for her and Christopher and the true owner of Southfork is revealed. Will the family survive?

"The Last Hurrah"

On Dallas, John Ross blackmails a member of the family while J.R. goes behind his back. Christopher makes a choice between the two women in his life.

"The Price You Pay"

On Dallas, much to Annie and Bobby's chagrin, J.R. decides to move back to Southfork. Cliff Barnes returns and the Barnes / Ewing feud isn't over.

"Hedging Your Bets"

On Dallas, the plots to take over South Fork take a surprising turn. Meanwhile, Christopher's new bride may be keeping her own secrets.

"Changing of the Guard"

Family members gather for a wedding on the Dallas series premiere, as Ewings young and old dive into a family feud.

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