Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8

"Larry vs. Michael J. Fox"

The name of this episode says it all. Larry clashes with his New York neighbor on the Curb Your Enthusiasm season finale.

"Mister Softee"

How does an ice cream truck play a role on Curb Your Enthusiasm this week? Read on for a rundown of "Mister Softee."

"Car Periscope"

Larry and Jeff consider a new investment opportunity this week. Read on for a recap of the latest installment.

"The Bi-Sexual"

Curb welcomes Rosie O'Donnell this week. She competes with Larry for the same woman.

Ricky Gervais guest stars on this episode. Jeff tries to befriend him, but a waiter causes a problem.

"Vow of Silence"

Larry winds up with unexpected travel plans this week. Susie also makes demands for a dying dog, while LD takes issue with parking lots.

"The Smiley Face"

Larry challenges the rules of dating this week. How does it go? Find out now!

"Palestinian Chicken"

Larry is deemed a "social assassin" this week. The title refers to him at a restaurant, on the golf course and at a dinner party.

"The Safe House"

Leon suffers a case of mistaken identity this week, while Larry tries to aid a woman in an abusive relationship. Richard Lewis also stops by.

"The Divorce"

Larry deals with his failed attempt to reunite with Cheryl on this episode. Read on for a recap of the eighth season premiere.

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