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Two young women were startled when a body fell from above them and crashed onto the pavement. The initial theory behind the man's death was suicide until Ray and Nick began processing Brad Malone's hotel and discovered where his body fell did not line up with his room's balcony, but possibly the room next to his. A spot of blood gave Ray, Nick, and Detective Vartann sufficient cause to enter the room. They followed the blood trail into the bedroom and discovered two women sleeping in blood soaked sheets.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Greg began to investigate the apparent murder of a woman and her husband, the Irwins. The initial theory was that of a robbery gone wrong, but further investigation led the CSIs to think perhaps someone had a problem with the couple and their pet bird. Brass interviewed a possible suspect who revealed the Irwins fought a good deal, and had a solid alibi.

The two women, Dana and Stacy, were questioned and stated they had no memory of the night before since they had been drinking. Evidence suggested that the two women had had possibly been drugged and raped. Stacy's memories were vague and she recalled dancing. Dana, at first said she remembered the same, but later said she had been raped by Brad Malone when evidence maintained that her memory loss was not consistent with the amount she had to drink.

Sarah and Greg went back to the Irwin's to process the apartment further and discovered the couple's missing cat. After having processed the cat and the parrot, and reviewing the trace found on the animals the mystery to the couple's death was revealed as accidental. The cat tried to attack the bird and caused Mr. Irwin to slip and fall in the shower which led to his death. The bird having been agitated by the cat attacked Mrs. Irwin who fell and accidentally stabbed herself.

While processing Dana and Stacy's room Ray and Nick found an iron with blood on it, and results from the bed sheets put another man in the room besides Brad Malone. Dana told the police that the other man was a bartender Stacy had invited back up to the room, and that he had pushed Brad off the balcony after attempting to rape her.

An interview with the bartender and further evidence discredited Dana's story. The truth of the matter was Stacy invited the bartender to the room and had sex with him. He attempted to engage Dana, but she hit him with the iron. Brad Malone heard the commotion from his room and checked to see if Dana was alright. He and Dana connected, and he accidentally fell to his death while he and Dana were having sex on the balcony.

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CSI Season 11 Episode 9 Quotes

In my fantasies, a three-way never ends in death.

Doc Robbins

Maddie: What is it?
Nick: Just a little piece of brain.
Maddie's Friend: You always said you wanted a guy with brains. Sorry, I tell joke when I'm nervous