CSI: NY Season 7

"Exit Strategy"

What went down on the seventh season finale of CSI: NY? Find out via this detailed review.

"Life Sentence"

After the CSI lab comes under fire, Mac and his ex-partner William Hunt (Peter Fonda) investigate a vendetta 17 years in the making.

"Nothing for Something"

The CSIs investigate a woman's death as the work of a serial killer, and Mac reconnects with his first partner after an ex-con they put away begins stalking him.

"Food for Thought"

Lesley-Ann Brandt guest stars this week as Sheldon's girlfriend. The case centers around the explosion of a food truck.

"Identity Crisis"

Jo's adopted daughter plays a key role on this episode. She becomes a key witness in a murder investigation.

"Do or Die"

A murder at an elite Manhattan private school takes center stage this wee. Hawkes and Taylor are sent in to investigate.

"The Untouchable"

A conspiracy-obsessed woman is the victim on this week's episode of CSI: NY. Mac and Danville are on the case!


A serial rapist is found dead this week. It's an awkward case, but the CSI team is all over it.

"Smooth Criminal"

Taylor aims to track down a hitman this week. He ends up uncovering a conspiracy with far-ranging implications.

"Party Down"

A tractor trailer carring party guests ends up at the bottom of the Hudson River this week. That can't be a good thing.

"Holding Cell"

A Spanish club promoter is found dead on this episode of CSI: NY. The installment featured guest star Jsu Garcia.

"To What End?"

David James Elliott shows up on this episode of CSI: NY. He plays an FBI agent and the ex-wife of Jo Danville.

"Shop Till You Drop"

Welcome to the 150th episode in CSI: NY history! On this special installment, Danville and Taylor apprehend a pickpocket played by guest star Steven Crowley.


A body washes up at the South Street Seaport on this episode. It leads the detectives toward a dark secret from the deputy chief's past.

"Scared Stiff"

Deputy Chief of Manhattan Borough Detectives, Ted Carver, gets involved in the investigation this week. The character is played by John Laroquette.

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