On Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 4, an Unsub suffering from a psychosis in which he believes he's invested with parasites, tries to get others to verify his condition. When they don't, he kills them. See how it unfolds when you watch Criminal Minds online.

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On Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 4, the BAU investigates the cause of death when a man wanders out onto a busy highway and is killed.

A few days prior, the man had received a phone call from a throwaway phone. When that same phone calls another number belonging to a research scientist who later turns up dead, the BAU realizes they have a serial murderer to find.

It turns out that the murderers revolve around the killer's belief that he is infested with cockroaches - only no one will believe him, much less help him to get better.

How did he get that way? And why did he have such a pressing need to convince others - upon pain of death - that he not only had a problem with infestation but needed help to get rid of it?

You can find out when you watch Criminal Minds online.

Episode Details

On Criminal Minds, the BAU team heads down to Atlanta to investigate a series of murders involving an Unsub with an obsessive skin disorder.

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Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 4 Quotes

Kate: I can understand being driven crazy by something you can't scratch. But killing people over it? That's what surprises me.
Reid: There was one documented case of a woman who couldn't stop scratching, even when asleep. She woke up one morning, realizing she'd scratched through her own scalp, her skull and directly into her brain tissue.

Getting rid of a delusion makes us wiser than getting hold of the truth - Ludwig Borne