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Criminal Minds Season 8

"Brothers Hotchner; The Replicator"

On The Criminal Minds 9th season finale, the Replicator returns to go after BAU team.

Blake must make a decision when her husband returns and proposes a once in a lifetime career opportunity while the team heads to Detroit to track a suspect on Criminal Minds.

"Nanny Dearest"

The BAU team investigates when children and their nannies are abducted on Criminal Minds.


The team investigates two ritualistic murders while while Reid continues to grieve Maeve on Criminal Minds.

"Pay It Forward"

When a time capsule is opened after 25 years, an unexpected and gruesome discover sends the BAU team to town on Criminal Minds.


The latest BAU case may be linked to the person who abused Morgan as a child on Criminal Minds.

"The Gathering"

The team heads off to investigate a group of victims who were posting their personal information on blog site.

"Carbon Copy"

Has the BAU's stalker returned when victims resembling the Replicator's turn up in Philadelphia on Criminal Minds.

The person stalking the team gets closer as they head to Austin to investigate victims whose watches are the only clue on Criminal MInds.

"All That Remains"

The BAU team investigates a writer whose daughters disappear on the anniversary of his wife's disappearance on Criminal Minds.

"Magnum Opus"

The team heads to San Francisco when murder victims begin to pop up in the Mission District on Criminal Minds.


Michelle Trachtenberg guest stars as a genetics research assistant on the winter return of Criminal Minds.


The team learns someone is replicating the crimes that they are solving on Criminal Minds.

"The Lesson"

When bodies are found ritualistically altered, the team begins the hunt for the killer while Reid begins to worry about meeting his mystery woman on Criminal Minds.

"Magnificent Light"

On Criminal Minds, an attendee is killed and the motivational speaker disappears sending the team to Seattle to investigate.

"The Wheels on the Bus"

On Criminal Minds, when an entire school bus full of children goes missing near Washington D.C., the team is called in to find it.

"The Fallen"

On Criminal Minds, when burned bodies of homeless are found around Santa Monica pier the unit is called in to investigate.

"The Apprenticeship"

On Criminal Minds, the team heads to Miami to investigate the strange death of a prostitute.

"The Good Earth"

On Criminal Minds, the unit tries to piece together if four men who have gone missing in rural Oregon are linked.

"God Complex"

On Criminal Minds, the team tries to hunt down an amateur surgeon when unwilling amputees show up in hospitals or dead.

"Through the Looking Glass"

When a Kansas family is abducted, the team tries to determine if the case is connected to another family who was murdered on Criminal Minds.

"The Pact"

On Criminal Minds, the team investigates two killers who may be working together, one in San Diego and one in Los Angeles.

"The Silencer"

Jeanne Tripplehorn debuts as Alex Blake on the Criminal Minds premiere. She's a new member of the BAU.

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