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The BAU team heads to Oklahoma to investigate a copycat killer that emerges immediately following the execution of a notorious serial killer.

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I have to disagree on parts of your post. I thought last nights show was way beyond creepy. However I do agree with you that to show the murders being committed was going a little too far with the shock value.


Well Divining Rod isn't over and I think it's just awful. After a couple of excellent episodes such as Foundation and The Company (Hearthridge Manor was also awful torture porn) which gave us old school profiling that made me love the show, we're back with another garbage episode where the victims are just incidental torture props. I would have never thought that having a woman as showrunner (Erica Messer) and a woman as executive producer (Janine Barrois Sherman) would result in such reprehensible exploitation of women on the show and the glorification of the despicable "unsubs" being shown commiting their heinus crimes. Shame on them!