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Criminal Minds Season 7

Farewell, Emily Prentiss. This Criminal Minds character says goodbye on the season 7 finale.

On part one of the season seven finale, a federal back is under attack and hostages are taken. This includes a BAU member.

"Profiling 101"

On Criminal Minds, Rossi and the team give a college lecture on tracking a serial killer.

"Divining Rod"

After a serial killer is executed in Oklahoma, a copycat appears on Criminal Minds.

"The Company"

The BAU reopens the case into Morgan's cousin Cindi when she reappears and Morgan must confess a lie he told about her case on Criminal Minds.

"Heathridge Manor"

The team is off to Oregon this week. They arrive there to investigate a series of gothic killings.


The BAU is all about finding a kidnapper this week after one boy is found in Arizona and then anothr vanished.

"I Love You, Tommy Brown"

The team heads to Seattle this week because married couples living there are being killed. Garcia, meanwhile, wonders about a proposal from Kevin.

"A Family Affair"

Go Hotch, go! The leader of the BAU completes his triathlon this week on Criminal Minds.

"A Thin Line"

The BAU looks into a series of home invasions and killings in California this week, as the probe reveals something even more disturbing than they anticipated.

"Closing Time"

JJ gets herself into a sticky situation this week, fighting first hand against an unsub.

"Snake Eyes"

The team looks into a series of Atlantic City murders this week. Separately. Garcia fights with her boyfriend.

"Unknown Suspect"

A serial rapist resurfaces in Houston this week on Criminal Minds, while Prentiss deals with the trauma of being back on the BAU.

"True Genius"

It's off to San Francisco for the BAU on the first episode of 2012. No way the Zodiac Killer has returned, right?

"The Bittersweet Science"

Shawn Hatosy and Charles S. Dutton both guest star on this episode of Criminal Minds, which centers on a murder in Philadelphia.

"Self-Fulfilling Prophecy"

A mass suicide takes center stage on Criminal Minds this week. Elsewhere, Hotch and Morgan clash.

Things turn personal for Garcia this week, as the BAU looks into the disappearance of a woman in her support group.

"There's No Place Like Home"

A storm hits Kansas this week, forcing the team to travel to Wichita to investigate a few mysterious deaths.


It's off to Angeles National Forest in California this week for the team. Rossi, meanwhile, makes a decision regarding his ex-wife.

"From Childhood's Hour"

Abductions of young children take place in St. Louis this week. Their connection? All have troubled mothers.


A killer has the survivors of a high school massacre in his sights this week. Elsewhere, Hotch thinks Jack is being bullied.

"Dorado Falls"

An Internet-security company is the site for a mass murder this week. Elsewhere, Prentiss has to go through recertification training.

Andy Milder guest stars this week as a mentally-challenged killer. Reid, meanwhile, deals with the deception over Prentiss' presumed death.

"It Takes A Village"

In the Season 7 premiere, the BAU team is at a crossroads as they are questioned by a Senate Committee for their retaliatory actions in the wake of Prentiss' loss.

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