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In a Miami, an UnSub has been killing people. The team visits the house of the latest victim in order to look for clues.

Then they pay a visit to the soup kitchen nearby where they meet Jimmy Mercado, a local who knew the victim.

Jimmy tells them about Santeria, but explains that human mutilation and sacrifice are not parts of the religion.

A professor tells the team that he is almost finished writing the only book on the subject.

The meeting is interrupted with the news that Jimmy Mercado is dead.

The team returns to find a full Santeria service is going on.

Julio is dragged back to the station for further questioning. Turns out he was in jail for 15 years after being part of a gang that was known to cut off body parts.

Reid realizes that he is not their man. His protégé, Elian, does not seem so clean.

Our team uncovers drugs and remnants of the victims in his bedroom, and the child seems to have fled the scene.

He may have been framed. A bloody footprint conveniently matched a shoe found in Elian’s room. Too well.

Prentiss and Morgan figure it out first: it’s professor Walker, trying to get press for his book, who did the crimes and framed Elian.

Reid then stumbles upon the killer and a tied-up Julio. He manages to outmaneuver him, and the rest of the team shows up to arrest the UnSub and free Julio and Elian.

Meanwhile, Dr. Reid is in a hospital getting an MRI of his brain. He has been suffering from very bad headaches and even some hallucinations. He is diagnosed normally in the end.

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I LOVE criminal minds. Watch it every week. I do miss AJ and I agree with the editor that this show was somehow not up to par for criminal minds. I'm afraid that the subplot with REid may mean that he will be leaving at the end of the season, since there's no physiological reason for the headaches and hallucinations is this beginning of a dormant mental illness????


Love this show...if i can't be home to watch I tape it for viewing later...love all the cast....the stories..fantastic show!


WOW I love this show! I watch every week as well as the reruns daily. I liked this first new episode a lot and I also don't want any new cast members or changes its great just the way it is. Reid plays his part so well.


I always know I can count of Criminal Mids to smart, interesting, unique and challenging for me since I almost always know "who dunnit " it a lot of the books and programs I watch. Last nights episode had some good twists. I just wanted you to know that I hope you are not planning on getting rid of Dr. Reed ! I know the show would definitely be changed for the not so good if he is no longer there. I also still miss J.J. too so I hope who has taken her position starts to become worth the loss. Keep up the good work !


I love criminal minds but I had really really saddened by the loss of A.J cook and I dont get why new characters are being introduced. if AJ had gone voluntarily the public reaction to new blood would be different but she was axed by the bosses - could the writers not write for her character, did she not have a big enoough fan base? Pagets role has not been any smaller she has more lines than MGG who is my favourite so I dont get the talk about her being axed as well. I also am beyond frustrated that there has been no significant story lines for Reid. Why? He seems to have about 2 lines an episode at the moment and yet he has a huge fan base. Change any more and Criminal minds will lose a lot of its audience for series 7 unless the actors move on of their own free will.