Major Changes - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Rebecca starts to go on hormones so she can donate her eggs and decides that she wants to return to work. Nathaniel isn't as onboard with the idea and fires him, still upset over what happened to them. This inspires Rebecca to try to get the company back from Nathaniel and this sets her off on a new mission.

Rebecca convinces Darryl's wife to give the shares to them if Rebecca wins against Nathaniel in court, which she does. She then finds out that her family ring is fake so she can't actually pay for the share but someone from her therapy group invested enough money that he wants to help out.

Rebecca is also jealous that Nathaniel is dating someone and accidentally almost takes out a hit on her on the dark web part of things. In the end she and Nathaniel hook up again. 

Heather is trying to figure out her next move when Kevin offers her a Home Base program for diverse individuals. She becomes the best part of that program and always has good ideas but she can't take always being in an office and not being herself. She decides to become a manager of the nearby locations where she can be on site more and the position is created for her. 

Heather then hears Darryl say their surrogate can't have their child and volunteers to help carry the baby. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Stranger: Take it to the alley junkie.
Rebecca: I'm making a miracle.

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