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Rebecca is at the hospital after her suicide attempt where all of her friends gather and she gets a new diagnosis. She has had a few in her life but this time she gets told by the doctor that it is BPD. Against his advice Rebecca googles it and isn't happy with what she sees so she decides that isn't what she has.

Paula goes along with it but it takes talking to Dr. Akopian for her to realize that she can't trade mental illnesses. Rebecca accepts it and starts to see what her future holds for her now that she admits she has a personality disorder. She also understands that this was not about Josh, he was a placeholder this entire time.

Meanwhile Nathaniel struggles to find the words for Rebecca's situation when sending flowers and this all leads to him being told by his family about his mother's attempt to commit suicide when he was younger. 

Valencia begins to live stream about Rebecca's situation to her followers, pushing Heather to call her out on her selfish behavior.

Josh deals with the news by making it about him, until he overhears Rebecca say she hadn't thought about him that whole time. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

My friend just tried to kill herself.


Being suicidal has nothing to do with any one life event or person; it comes from a lifelong struggle with mental illness.