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Covert Affairs Season 2

"Letter Never Sent"

Danielle is mistaken for a spy on the Covert Affairs season finale. You won't believe how it ends.

"What's The Frequency Kenneth?"

Why is MI6 spying on America? It's up to Annie Walker to find out!

"Horse to Water"

Annie keeps an eye on the daughter of a traitorous CIA analyst this week. The CIA thinks this knows something about her father.

"A Girl Like You"

Oded Fehr is back this week as Eyal Lavin. Annie follows him around D.C. during the episode.


Nina Kronjager guest stars on this episode of Covert Affairs. Read on for a recap of events.

"The Wake-Up Bomb"

Annie feels a bit lonely on the first fall episode of season two. But a new mission tied to a Basque separatist movement soon pops up.

"World Leader Pretend"

Annie helps a Chinese scientist defect on the summer finale of Covert Affairs. But the mission affects her relationship with Danielle.

"Sad Professor"

Annie's college professor dies this week. She learns something valuable about him after the fact.

"Welcome to the Occupation"

A CIA agent gets caught in a hostage crisis this week. The incident takes place in Mexico.

"Half a World Away"

This is a major episode in Covert Affairs mythology. We learn how Auggie lost his sight.

"The Outsiders "

Jaimie Alexander guest stars on Covert Affairs this week. The episode centers on Annie and Reva being sent to deploy surveillance cameras on the Poland-Belarus border.

"Around the Sun"

Auggie moves to a new position this week, while Annie must adjust to a new replacement. But, come on, you can't replace Auggie!

"All the Right Friends"

It's off to Argentina for Annie this week. She runs into a setup that causes her problems in that nation.

"Bang and Blame"

Annie heads back to The Farm this week. She must find out why a CIA trainee's name was leaked.

"Good Advices"

Eyal Lavin returns this week, teaming up with Annie to try and turn a secretary working at the Syrian embassy in Paris into an asset. Read on for a recap.

"Begin the Begin"

Ben goes missing on the second season premiere of Covert Affairs. Also, Annie must keep a Russian tennis player safe.

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