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Counterpart Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Shadow Puppets

Counterpart Review: Shadow Puppets

We hit the halfway mark with Counterpart Season 2 Episode 5, and it's full of energy. With a peek at Mira's motivations, things at Echo get turned upside down.
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Counterpart Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Outside In

Counterpart Review: Outside In

We head to the other side on Counterpart Season 2 Episode 2 and find out more about Emily Alpha than she probably knows about herself. Check it out!
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Counterpart Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Love the Lie

Counterpart Review: Love the Lie

On Counterpart Season 1 Episode 8 the Howards meet for the first time since their separation, and when Quayle is under suspicion, does he make the right move?
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Counterpart Quotes

Howard: Do you think it's possible to truly love someone without knowing who they really are?
OEmily: Maybe we don't love someone for who they are. Maybe we love them for who they'd rather be.

Howard, why do you think I brought you in on this? For your great tactical skill, your great knowledge of this whole fuckin' thing? I need to pretend to be you, take Baldwin out myself.