Welcome to Echo - Counterpart
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Baldwin is watching her former girlfriend as she exits a club and kisses another girl. She's very sad, but not as sad as she will be when she wakes up. Someone grabs her and sticks a needle into her neck, dragging her away.

Clare jobs all the way to meet that ijit Lambert who is doing nothing but being "on the lam" while she does everything.

He gets back to his apartment and holy shit, there are two of them. He's watching himself screw another woman and yanking off. They're both the laziest bastards on earth.

Lambert that I thought we knew has a crush on Clare. She doesn't look at him the same anymore. The other Lambert wonders if they can still trust her. He asks this while he's nestled against the body of the other Lambert. But I don't think they're counterparts, as they both refer to "back home."

Emily Alpha is confused. The Howard she remembers was a man of habit. He read to her in funny voices and left for work at 8:15 every morning. When she kisses him, she wonders if it was a little weird. No, just nice, he says.

Howard Prime meets with a guy from Section 2 from the other side. For a minute, he thought Howard might be Howard Alpha, but was happy to see his Prime. They want to find Claude Lambert because they think if they turn him over, they can make a deal.

He wonders who the fuck told him he was over here anyway? The guy takes him to their safehouse. They have Baldwin.

When Clare gets back from her run, Quayle takes apart her running shoe. He has a listening device in the bottom and all of her jogs are recorded on an SD card.

Management wants Emily Alpha looking into Aldus Frey even though she disagrees. They also want to know if she discovered anything else at the house. They ask as if they already know the answer, but she replies in the negative.

Back at the office, Emily A tells Ian they need to find out why Management doesn't want her looking into that house. She thinks Management were covering up Emily Prime's travel to their side just like they're covering up Mira, and she also believes the two coverups are connected. 

Oh by the way, Ian says, Howard Alpha was sent to Echo today.

With his head covered, Howard arrives at and enters Echo. It's highly unpleasant. They take all of his fluids before he is "admitted." He also gets a series of body scans.

After all of that is done, he's delivered into a thriving prison community. It's just like OZ! Welcome home, Vern Schillinger!

Peter Quayle is there! OMG. He's a little looney. He's excited to discover Howard knows him from the other side and even more to discover his counterpart is someone important.

Peter P tells Howard everyone in Echo is being excavated for their memories as a part of the war effort. Howard sees his old friend Marcel across the room. But it's not Marcel. His Marcel was killed. 

Naya visits Emily A. She has her personnel file in hand and will tell her exactly what she did for a living.

Someone delivers Clare a message on a bus. He looks directly at her, sad that she doesn't remember him. He says he no longer has the braces. "Spencer," she whispers and gets off the bus.

Howard A visits with Yanek who thinks he has striking bicuspids.

Yanek is shocked Howard A won't be a spy when his other is a spy. 

They have a good chat.

Ian finds the case Mira has been hoping to find in the backyard of a dead man's house.

Emily P starts to dig into the archives for more information on her other while Naya reads in Emily A on what has happened while she's been in a coma and tries to get her memory piqued.

Emily A remembers an old church in another world and recalls that she saw things she shouldn't have seen. Emily A not only has an other but a past self that is an utter mystery to her.

Naya also has to read in that Aldrich was killed. Emily A says no, Aldrich wasn't Shadow. Shadow is a woman.

Emily P gets to Richard Langston's place. He says she's the spitting image. 

Emily A had some hearsay in a report that a strain of a virus was released on their side that wafted through the border crossing and decimated the other side. She gave the report to Langston and he gave it to Management. He was transferred shortly afterward and then he quit.

Quayle and a team make a raid on an office that looks like an office and a phone rings. When Quayle picks up the phone, someone starts to shoot. It's a trap, and then Quayle realizes what Clare did to him.

She's happily eating dinner when he gets home. Quayle tells Clare she knew he was listening to her last night. She gets tears in her eyes. Lambert thinks she's blown, and Peter walks right into a trap.

Howard P knocks on their door at that exact moment. He wants to take care of their common problem.

At Echo, Everyone Howard P put there wants to kick the living shit out of Howard A. Poor guy goes down like a sack of potatoes.

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Counterpart Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Howard A: Why are you in here?
Peter Quayle P: I'm serving my world in the fight against yours. Yanek says I'm one of the most important people here. I suppose now we know why.
Howard A: Yanek?
Peter P: Yeah. I give him secrets, my secrets, things about my life, things I'm afraid of, things that only I can know. So now Management knows my other's secrets.

Lambert 2: Can we still trust her?
Lambert 1: I suppose we'll find out.