Loyalties Are Tested - Counterpart
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The Indigo School couple on the run whose names I do not remember and who I cannot find on IMDB are arguing. The fellow is Aldus. She wants him to be strong. He is not strong.

She tries the "be strong for me" and I'll show you sexual pleasures trick. I'm still not sure why anyone thinks that works.

Eight weeks ago, Our Howard (Alpha) wrapped a scarf around his Emily before she took a walk. Now he's in prison looking rather gaunt. He's trying to explain how he got into the situation through no effort of his own.

His interviewer shares that Emily A. has come out of her coma and how Howard P reacted. Our Howard is stunned, and not only to learn they're watching his Emily. They're trying to crush Our Howard. 

Emily Prime is on her way to work. An ambassador from the other side is meeting on her side to talk about what they're going to do. Of course, Emily Prime's world is pointing fingers. Emily is disgusted. 

The rotten German Indigo lady chats with an elderly man, doesn't get the answers she wants and picks up a scythe. It doesn't have to be painful, she says. He says he was the only one of them who thought there could be good in her.

Emily P tries to visit Our Howard but doesn't have the security clearance necessary. She says she'll keep trying. When she gets home, Anna is there cooking dinner.

The doors open from side Alpha and a fellow delivers an envelope "for Management" to the woman in blue from the earlier meeting.

Emily P is now being taken to Management. They asked for her directly. The fourth floor isn't much is the way of interior design.

The guy who will be speaking on behalf of Management isn't even there to greet her. He's rather offputting in his interviewing style. Bob Dwyer was releived of his post as Acting Director of Strategy and Emily has been named of his replacement.

Mira! The woman at the top is named Mira. Sheesh.

An offer was delivered from neighboring Management. If Emily finds Mira and terminates her "without doubt or delay," diplomacy will be restored immediately. When Emily suggests Our Howard again be a part of her team to complete this mission, the guy balks. She doesn't. Management phones in and there is a conditional release of Howard based on her acceptance of the mission. Yes please.

Oh! The guy also gave Emily the Schmidts, who gave their son over to the Indigo school and who Management believes will be imperative to finding Mira.

Ian briefly meets a woman in a cafe before being called to work. They're melting the lock off of the door of a house in which a dog is running round in the goo left behind by what's left of his owner. One of the thugs says, "At least let's pet the dog!"

Howard A doesn't want to be released to spy. But his interrogator plays a tape for Howard of a conversation between Emily A and Peter Quayle in which Peter wants to promote Howard because he's unhappy. Emily gets angry and says then she'd be blown. She doesn't care if he's happy or not. He's not ever getting a promotion!

Emily P visits with the Schmidts who claim their son died of the flu. She lays it on the line and the family acts like they don't know what she's talking about. The mother is a bitch, but at the thought of reunification, the father looks like he's willing to talk.

Emily goes to visit Howard again, and when she's cleared, even the guard looks surprised, maybe not as surprised as Howard when he sees her.

Always the gentleman, he motions for her to sit on the bench next to him. The rest of the conversation is all downhill from there (see the quotes for the specifics).

Afterword, Herr Schmidt is lurking in the empty street looking for Emily. He wants to see his son again.

Emily heads to Ian's place. She still has a set of keys. They haven't seen each other in a while. Neither of them are doing particularly well. She hurt him quite badly. She thought she could handle meeting Howard's other because she thought she hated hers enough. She needs Ian's help on the mission. She gives him the details and appeals to the reality that their best work has always been together.

Herr Schmidt calls Aldus to a location and everyone gets ready. Schmidt tells Aldus everything. Aldus gives Schmidt passports. 

Emily and Ian get a lot of information as a result of Aldus, but Aldus killed himself just after saying, "of course it was you," as if he knew Emily. 

Mira is with the Schmidts. She kills the Herr and draws the gun on his wife. 

The interrogator working with Howard is on Mira's payroll. His recommendation is to send him to a black site, Echo. He does this at her request.

Among the papers Emily and Ian discovered Mira and friends were doing survellience on them and it wasn't Emily P in the photos. It was Emily Prime.

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Counterpart Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

All Management needed to say were four little words, "we need your help," and then maybe we could be chasing these Indigo terrorists with shared intelligence instead of shared incompetence.

Emily P

Interrogator: I don't know how you're going to take this. Your wife has come out of her coma. It was the last intelligence we received before the crossing closed.
Howard A.: How, how would you even know these things? Why would you be watching my wife?
Interrogator: The report was her husband rushed in all emotional. And do you think she knew, when she opened her eyes, that she was staring into the eyes of a man who wasn't her husband, or do you wonder, maybe, if that wasn't her plan all along?