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Larry calls an emergency council meeting. A buyer named Gladwell is interested in acquiring The Crab Shack. Larry and Anthony butt heads on what Robin should do.

The family's finances have been drained with Scott's medical bills, and they're offering a lot of money. She only has two days to decide.

Luly reads her writing about Scott to a memoir class. She gets criticized for not being real enough.

Oliver coaches Theo in football.

Evan returns to the architecture program at a local school.

Robin tells Luly that Scott fell off the sobriety wagon briefly before his death.

Margot, an employee at Gladwell, asks Anthony why he's working at The Crab Shack.

Oliver's husband tells him he misses him after spending too much time with the Perrys.

Luly asks Anthony about her dad. He reveals that she was briefly adopted into a different family when she was born, before Scott decided he wanted her. 

Robin worries about Theo playing football.

Robin decides to sell the restaurant as long as Scott's memory is preserved. Margot asks Anthony to stay througohut the transition.

Luly decides to keep writing the memoir.

Evan decides to quit school and work on fixing up his old neighborhood instead.

Larry runs into his daughter, Lauren.

Robin takes off her wedding ring and decides to wear it as a necklace.

Council of Dads
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Council of Dads Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Larry: Robin and the kids can rely on Gladwell.
Anthony: So you're saying they can't rely on me?

I wish Dad was still here.