Handling the Holidays - Council of Dads
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Robin and Sam go on a run together. She reveals that Scott passed six months ago.

Luly reaches out to her other family in an email.

The Perrys celebrate Halloween. Robin and the council try to help Oliver with his marriage issues.

Sam shows up at the Perrys house with Theo, who was drinking with friends in the cemetery. He's a cop and lets him off with just a warning.

Time jump to Thanksgiving. Robin and Sam continue to run together. Robin's worried about her mother coming to visit. 

Grandma misgenders JJ, but tries to correct herself. 

Anthony invites Margot to Thanksgiving.

Theo gets a bad report card. 

Oliver and Peter get into a fight over Eddie.

Time jump to Christmas. Robin and Sam have gotten closer. He asks her to go on a late-night run to see the lights on Christmas.

Margot tells Anthony she's in love with him.

Theo asks to skip church, upsetting Grandma. He lies about wanting time alone to spend time with friends.

Larry accompanies Patricia to church while the rest of the family skips it.

Robin catches Theo. He explains he wanted to be there for his friend Jules since Christmas is hard for her.

Anthony bought Robin a necklace. 

Robin's struggling with missing Scott on Christmas day. She decides to cancel it and brings the family to paint Luly's new house. 

Robin gives Theo back his phone.

Robin tells Sam that she can't start a new tradition with him yet.  He gives Robin an old camera to give to Theo.

Robin and Sam agree to take things really slow and kiss.

Time jump to New Years. Oliver confronts Eddie for kissing Peter.

Luly's other family wants to meet her.

Robin and Sam go on their first date. Sam's ex-wife wants to try and work things about between them.

Oliver reads his vows from their wedding to Peter, and they agree to work on their marriage.

Time jump to Scott's birthday. He left behind a present for the family. 

He wants them to start a new tradition, playing with water guns on his birthday so they're not sad.

Charlotte loses consciousness during the game and Robin starts CPR.

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Council of Dads Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

What happens to the traditions when the tradition-keeper is gone?


Robin: How do you dress up as spaghetti and meatballs?
Sam: No idea, but it's gonna be amazing.