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Travis starts stealing spare supplies from work to be thrifty, which has Laurie worried about his financial habits. When Jules finds out that he's saving up for the future, she donates to the cause.

After having his mayor-ship stripped away, Andy gets increasingly depressed about his life. Losing Bobby, getting fired, and now being stripped of his mayor title make him drop out of teaching his son's music class. Grayson decides to fill in.

Travis surprises Jules by using her money to buy a beat up old van.

Andy and Ellie find out that a city council member, Roger Frank, may be behind Bobby's move, Andy's firing, and the surprise impeachment.

Grayson is shocked when he finds out that the kids know nothing about old school music. 

Jules gets fully invested in Travis' Scooby Doo cab idea, but Laurie urges her to take off the "mom goggles" the next time they start talking business. She quickly realizes the idea sucks and tells him to think of something else.

Ellie and Andy plan a complicated heist in order to set off illegal fireworks in Roger's office. Before they can go through with it, Andy realizes that Ellie made the whole story up to get him out of his funk. Instead of revenge, they go through with the plan just to mess with him.

Travis come up with a brilliant new idea for the van: The Winebulance. The city's firt mobile wine bar. 

Grayson's first graders perform a somewhat troubling rendition of "Everybody Dance Now."

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Jules: Sometimes I still sneak into Travis' room and watch him sleep.
Laurie: Travis and I live together.
Jules: I've said too much.

Take OFF the mom goggles!