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Jules wonders what she should get Travis for his graduation present. Ellie says she should get used to living with him again since he's graduating from art school. Ellie has to get Stan into a competitive preschool, and asks Laurie for help babysitting when the nanny calls in sick.
Jules asks for Bobby's help to make sure Trav doesn't sit around doing nothing while waiting for his dream job to come along. Grayson helps Andy raise hell while he's kicked out of the house. When the admissions officer questions Ellie about Stan coming from more diversity, Laurie overhears and kisses Ellie. Jules fears they raised a deadbeat.
Jules wonders how good the kiss with Ellie was, and Bobby thinks he would make a great gay man since he's a tender, open, and loving free spirit. During their "broday" Andy decides he and Grayson should join Tom's cat video. Jules sets up Travis with an interview at the coffee bucks, and Travis completely blows it. Jules and Bobby try to scare Travis straight, but Bobby blows it.
Ellie refuses to go along with all of Laurie's relationship, so she blows up at Ellie and walks off. Andy and Grayson can't decide on a theme for the cat video. Ellie apologizes to Laurie. Travis gets the job and coffee bucks.
Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Laurie: Highway to the lady zone, what what.
Ellie: Highway indeed.

Ellie: We're at a public event this is not the place for ear sex and a full body rub down.
Laurie: All you do is take me granted.