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Andy is head of buccaneer week and ask Charming Ellie to make a visit to help him recruit tourism and businessman. Laurie wonders why people aren’t coming to Krazy Kakes. Ellie is able to turn on the charm with the socialites, but Andy gets in to some rough water with Bobby after saying he isn’t grounded in reality.
Laurie is able to draw up more business by making naughty cakes.Jules mourns over the loss of “Chellie.” Andy asks Bobby to tell everyone there is no giant, killer jellyfish, but instead Bobby says there is one. Jules keeps trying bring Charming Ellie out, but later tells her she misses Ellie.
Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Jules: Hey, does it make me gay if I eat this?
Ellie: I think it does.
Jules: Well I’m doing it anyway.
Laurie: Do you want a fork?

That’s the first time I've been called a slut in a bad way.