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Ellie is getting sick and the gang worries they’ll be faced with another crazy Ellie situation. Jules pays a visit to a somber Chick since his Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Andy’s mayoral job is in jeopardy. Travis and Laurie begin picking out couple names. Bobby convinces Grayson to audition for a commercial. 
When Jules decides to run a 5k and make Chick the coach. The gang eventually gives up and Ellie infects them with the flu. Grayson’s commercial gig turns ends up being for low testosterone. Jules eventually quits too, but Grayson tells her her plan worked - she motivated Chick. Bobby confides in Grayson that his dream is to eventually get married again. 
Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

If I’m running, you’re running. Are you new to this group?


I haven’t hurt this bad since I had to push my childhood home to a gas station. I would give anything to stop.