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Cougar Town Season 4

"Have Love Will Travel"

In the conclusion of the Cougar Town season finale, when it's discovered that Chick has medical issues, the gang take him on a trip to Hollywood.

"Don't Fade On Me"

Jules takes her father to see a doctor after realizing that he hasn't seen one in years and Chick agrees to housesit when the rest of the gang goes on vacation in the first of the 2-part Cougar Town season finale.

"The Criminal Mind"

Grayson's pub gets poor reviews online while the cul-de-saq crew reveals their innermost thoughts in voice overs a la "The Breakfast Club" on Cougar Town.

"This Old Town "

An elderly couple agrees to by Grayson's house but only if they can become members of the cul-de-saq crew on Cougar Town.

"Saving Grace"

Andy's strategy for winning causes conflicts when the cul-de-sac crew joins a dodgeball league on Cougar Town.

"You Tell Me"

After realizing that her friends are all keeping secrets, Jules heads to see her therapist on Cougar Town.

"Make It Better"

Jules refuses to share her medical issues with her father while he stays at her place to recover from injuries on Cougar Town.

"You and I Will Meet Again"

Laurie's concerned about Travis' reaction when he learns that she and Wade are moving in together on Cougar Town.

"Flirting With Time"

The gang recalls when Jules and Bobby move in when Grayson puts his house on the market on Cougar Town.


Jules tries to cure her insomnia while Ellie avoids Andy at Valentine's Day on Cougar Town.

"Runnin' Down a Dream"

Jules decided to drop out of the real estate business this week. Elsewhere, Bobby discovers his dream job.

"I Should Have Known It"

The women scheme to find out more about Tom's new girlfriend and Grayson and Andy decide they're putting an end to the woman's rules on Cougar Town.

"Between Two Worlds"

Jules worries about the lack of passion between her and Grayson but will input from Ellie change everything on Cougar Town?

"I Need to Know"

The guys try to grow Tom Selleck-like mustaches this week. Elsewhere, Jules excuses Travis from "family night."

"Blue Sunday"

Jules and Grayson are in their first week of marriage on the Cougar Town Season 4 premiere.

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