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It's Day 16. Lex shines the seal on his police hat as Sabine readies herself for the press conference. Lex receives a compliment from his father and Sabine receives one from her husband. Together they prepare to stand in front of the gathered press. She confesses that the public has been mislead and comes clean about Patient Zero. Lex texts Leo to find out why he's not there as Sabine throws Cannerts under the bus and calls the outbreak an "accident." Everyone in the room, including Lex and her husband, are shocked.

Katie envisions her illness growing worse and begins to hallucinate what she might do as it progresses. Jake pressures Cannerts to rush the cure or antibody. Cannerts is afraid to try because the current iteration of the vaccine could make Katie die more quickly. Jake has been taking care of Quentin, who has an outburst and blames his friend for his mother's illness.

Bert wakes up in a car. His leg is probably broken and the supplies he had for Micheline have been ravaged. 

Lex and Leo talk as they both learn that the Chief has been promoted to COO of the Atlanta PD, second in command to the mayor. Leo wants to walk away from the story in order to save his own life and career. Lex wants to keep going, but Leo tells him there's no point in staking his own credibility on taking down Sabine Lommers. Lex is on his own.

Cannerts video conferences with Lommers' husband who promises to make sure Cannerts' name is cleared. In the middle of their conversation, he's cut off from his secure line. No more contact with the outside world. 

Quentin wants to blame Thomas for his mother's illness, but Katie won't let him. If anything, she tries to take the blame for the fact that they're all inside the cordon in the first place since she brought them on the field trip that found them trapped. She sends Quentin to get Dr. Cannerts for her treatment and makes Jake promise to get Quentin out of the quarantine alive.

Micheline has been tending to her own injury, but she's out of medication and worried about Bert. He's trying to salvage what he can from the supplies Cannerts gave him in order to make a splint for his leg so that he can get home. Jana makes a run to the grocery store and asks to speak to Trey. Xander and Teresa need supplies and he's the only person who can give them. She finds Meese inside the cordon and he promises to bust her out of the cordon for $5000.

Lex talks to his father about the situation with Leo and the press conference and his father's advice is to get back up and fight harder. 

Cannerts enters Katie's quarantine cell and begins her treatment. He maintains that he his courageous and a man of integrity. He tells her the true story of how the quarantine began and how Sabine Lommers misled the public by naming Sayid Patient Zero. At the Georgia State Capitol, Lex and his father visit with the State Lt. Governor, one of the elder man's last remaining friends. 

Jake finds Quentin on the roof of the hospital. Quentin vows not to fall apart in front of his mother because he doesn't want her to worry. Jake tells him Katie will worry no matter what and then hugs the boy. On the street, Jana finds Bert trying to walk. She shares her water with him and gives him some food for he and Micheline, along with a cart he can use to walk home. 

Lex and his father find Besser exiting the Lt. Governor's office. Besser canceled their appointment. Katie's IV starts to itch and when she looks in the mirror she finds her illness has progressed. Her skin is tearing off and she's bleeding profusely from the nose. When she sees Quentin slip in a pool of blood she wakes up. It was a dream. 

Thomas gets visitation with Katie. The boy tries to heal her through the glass and Jake makes him clear out so that the two of them can watch a movie under the stars, just like they planned. As they talk, she says she feels better but not better after getting the first dose of medicine. She takes the moment to tell Jake she loves him. Then she says it's time to start saying goodbye.

At Bitscan, Jana and Sam talk about her encounter with Meese and his plan to get people out of the cordon. Together, they have enough for two to escape. Lex pays Leo a visit and finds his apartment has been cleaned out. He's gone, leaving no trace of himself behind. 

Cannerts gives Katie the pain medication she had previously refused and Quentin comes in to say his goodbyes. 

Lex and his father once again sit in Lex's apartment and watch the news. They still want to find Leo Greene; Lex doesn't think he ran. The doorbell rings and Lex gets a pizza delivery with a key from Leo.

Jake visits Katie in isolation and she makes him promise to smile once a day for the rest of his life. She starts to hemorrhage. Bert finally makes it home to Micheline.

Jake puts on a clean suit and holds Katie as she dies.


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Containment Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

I'm not telling you the truth because I think you're going to die, Katie. I'm telling you because more than anything in the world I hope you live.


Katie: Yeah, but you're still here. For a guy who likes to run, that's kind of a big deal.
Jake: I won't run. I'll never run.