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Lex and Lommers' stay inside the sluice ends and the National Guard won't get Sabine any details or answers about the cordon status. She and Lex want to take back control of the situation and he promises to work with her to do that.

Jake visits Katie outside her isolation room. So far, she's not sick, but there are still eight hours to go. They're both positive she'll be fine. At Bitscan, Suzy's pregnancy test comes back positive and Teresa goes into labor.

Lex visits Leo and learns that Lommers is the one behind the outbreak and the quarantine. Lex isn't sure and believes Lommers may be innocent. They start digging into Burns and Lex spies a logo he recognizes. The evidence they need is inside the cordon. Together they vow to make Lommers pay.

Jana tries to get Teresa to move to a clean room to have the baby. She doesn't want to leave Xander, who is still stuck in quarantine. Suzy doesn't want to deliver the baby at all and believes they should try to get her to the hospital. Jana doesn't give anyone a choice. Teresa will be giving birth at Bitscan.

Lommers has no information from the National Guard regarding the condition of the men who went inside the cordon, so she goes after the information herself. Lex manages to get word to Jake about the journalists' apartment and sends him on an evidence-finding mission. Jake decides to go after the information after Katie is released from quarantine. She urges him to go ahead anyway.

Teresa practices visualization to make it through labor. Jana and Sam aren't much comfort. Cannerts makes his rounds, finally letting himself out of isolation, and finds Thomas is still healthy. There may still be a chance for a cure, but it won't be as easy as creating a vaccine. Katie, despite being healthy at the moment, isn't in the clear. Thomas' strain of the virus has a slower presentation rate. Katie won't be getting out of quarantine.

Lommers holds a press conference after learning that 11 out of 12 of the men who went inside the cordon are infected. For maximum effect, she walks the cameras over to the viewing window outside the tent housing the sick men giving the public its first glimpse of what's inside those shipping containers. She asks for everyone's cooperation and for people to protect the cordon.

Jake visits the journalists' apartment and finds their bodies have been wrapped in plastic and placed inside a shower. Their research has been burned in a bathtub and their computers stolen. Jake takes the info back to Lex inside the sluice and learns that Lommers is behind it. Meese is also playing for the other team. Together they figure out that the Chief is involved.

Teresa's contractions have stalled and she worries something has happened to the baby. Sam starts to improvise a way to help Teresa. Quentin spends time with Katie and asks questions about his dad. Katie levels with him about her ex's drug use and her own. 

Lex puts Leo on the money trail to figure out Meese's connection to events inside the cordon. He approaches Meese's wife and learns their house is out of foreclosure. Sam's device works and Teresa is able to hear her daughter's heartbeat. Dennis returns to Bitscan and asks to be let in. He's infected.

Jake walks into the grocery store and asks for a conversation with Meese. He plays dumb and demands the information Meese stole from the apartment. Meese tells him to look inside the bathtub and Jake refuses to give up Teresa's location with the gang leader asks for it. Knowing he won't get the information, the gang leader gives Jake a box of food and supplies for Teresa and the baby.

Teresa's contractions restart and they're closer together. Dennise asks to come inside and stay with Suzy as he dies. She lies to him about the baby and turns him away.

At the police department, Lex corners the Cheif and questions him about Meese's sudden windfall. The Chief denies knowing they received more than the standard hazard pay but Lex knows he's lying. He implicates Lommers in the payout and promises to find the money trail. That trips the Chief up and he agrees to work with Lex.

Teresa is ready to have the baby and cries out for her mother. Jana begins to panic and Suzy is the one to calm her down. Suzy breaks the news to Teresa that neither her mother nor Xander will be in the room so she'll have to do this for herself. 

At the hospital, Katie confronts Cannerts about his lies. He stonewalls and says there's nothing to figure out. As he walks away she mentions Henry Burns. 

Teresa's birth isn't going easily and Sam and Xander are shocked and scared to see that someone is coming up the elevator. It's Jake with the supplies. He knows how to deliver a baby and comes inside to help.

Lex joins Leo as he's watching the news. He lets Lex read the first draft of his article and Lex doesn't want to run the story yet. There's something missing. Leo gives Lex two hours to get to the truth before he publishes the expose.

Suzy, Jana, and Jake help bring Teresa's baby into the world.

At the CDC, Lex sits next to Lommers in a boardroom and asks her to resign. He slides a copy of their evidence against her across the table but she plays dumb. He asks her for the truth and she tells him he's out of his depth. He hands the Chief over as a witness and blames her, again, for orchestrating the outbreak to further her own career. She agrees to call a press conference for the following day.

Jana wheels Teresa and the baby to meet Xander. They name her Leanne after Teresa's mother.

Jake returns to the hospital and finds Katie still in quarantine. He tells her about delivering Teresa's baby and propositions her to one day have one of their own. She coughs blood onto the window.

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Containment Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Katie: This matters.
Jake: You matter.

Don't you get sick while I'm having your baby. That would suck.

Teresa [to Xander]