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It's Day 13 of the Cordon and the people outside the extraction point are growing restless. They want out of the cordon and know there's an exit. Lommers and Lex argue over the spot he chose and he points out that things would have gone according to plan if the boy hadn't been sent back inside. She believes she's made no mistakes in anything. 

Inside the hospital, Thomas is still healthy, but he's in quarantine. Katie and Jake have a hard time with the fact that Cannerts has been lying to them and learn from Bert that Cannerts has quarantined himself in his lab. Jana Sam, and Suz return to Bitscan to find the place as they left it. Teresa and Xander are gone. They're trying to get to her grandparents. 

Jake and Katie rally the kids to keep Thomas entertained and then he asks her to lunch, their first official date. Leo grows irritated when he can't get in touch with Lex. He needs phone records to prove that Henry Burns called Cannerts when he realized he was infected. 

Lex and Lommers continue to discuss things inside the cordon when they learn the people have taken to protesting in the streets. Their numbers are growing as is their anger. Lommers understands the danger of that many people, any number of whom could be infected, gathering in large numbers. 

Xander and Teresa continue their walk to Burt and Micheline's when they encounter the protestors. They decide to wait it out in an alley and talk over names for their baby girl. Quentin sees his mom and gives her his approval on Jake. Lommers continues dodging Lex's questions about the outbreak and how much she knew before it all began.

Sam and Jana continue clearing out Bitscan while Suzy claims a need for space to process Dennis's decision to leave. When Jana returns to the office, Suzy is gone. Leo orders a pizza and when the delivery guy gets there, Leo asks to borrow his phone. He calls a woman named Nancy and pretends he's bringing a pizza. 

Teresa and Xander brave the crowd when Teresa sees her mother's jacket in the crowd. She sends Xander to find out if it's her mother and the two are separated. Katie shows up for her date with Jake and he begins it by playing the guitar horribly. He's set up a picnic in their dorm. As it turns out, Katie plays the guitar, so she takes her turn entertaining Jake. Quentin interrupts their date to tell them that Ray, another person in the hospital, took two of the children to the protest.

Leo meets with Nancy, a colleague. She works for the NSA and he needs her help. He hands her a slip of paper with Henry Burns' information on it She doesn't promise to help, but she does take the paper.

Inside the cordon, the protest grows. Xander is nearly infected. Burt is caught in the action and injured on his way home to Micheline. Lommers and Lex discuss Jana and how they met. She begins sharing her story when they're brought a walkie talkie. The crowd is growing and they fear the sluices will be attacked. 

Suzy returns to Bitscan and tells Jana and Sam about the protest happening outside. She wants to break out with the others and decides to leave. Jana and Sam stay behind. Katie and Jake reach the scene of the protest and he becomes a target because of his uniform. 

Lommers gets word that the National Guard's plan to place food inside the cordon isn't subduing the crowd. She authorizes snipers if water cannons and tear gas don't work and is told that a unit is headed inside the cordon. Both Lex and Lommers warn against it, but Captain Scott doesn't listen. When Lommers starts to have a breakdown, Lex reassures her that she'll win this fight. 

Jake runs into Meese on his way back to Katie and learns that Meese has switched sides. Meese gives a warning that heroes die. Jana continues trying to persuade Suzy not to join the protestors. Suzy confesses that she may be pregnant. Jake jumps into the middle of the fray and finds Ray and one of the girls. Katie sees the other girl hide inside a van and doesn't know she might be infected. Katie runs to the girl's rescue, cutting herself on the way.

Men begin trying to scale the shipping containers while the National Guardsmen wait inside. Xander and Jake both roam around the protest looking for Teresa and Katie. Teresa and Xander find each other first and he won't touch her because he might be infected. The National Guard retreat from the cordon and leave all manner of people behind. Jake finds Katie. Mary's dead. 

Leo learns that Henry Burns called someone in Nantucket just before he ditched his personal effects. Lommers and her husband were in Nantucket when the outbreak began.

Jana finds Xander and Teresa and makes them return to Bitscan. Jake visits Katie in quarantine.

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Containment Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Lommers: Remember when you were a kid and you thought grown-ups knew everything and the President was the smartest man on the planet?
Lex: And you were going to be an astronaut?
Lommers: I was going to be the President.

Lommers: You know, the older you get the more you realize how rare it is that someone who deserves to be making the important decisions is actually in power to do so, and that if you want to be one of them, you have to be tough as nails.
Lex: Oh, I'd say you've got that covered.