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Copper Season 1

"A Vast and Fiendish Plot"

On the first season finale of Copper, when a huge fight breaks out Corcoran must join forces with Morehouse, Eva, and the coppers of the 6th precinct.

"A Day to Give Thanks"

It's Thanksgiving on Copper this week, as a shocking discovery leaves the main character shaken.

"Better Times are Coming"

It's Election Day on Copper and amidst a conspiracy plot, Corcoran must hunt down a murderer.

"The Hudson River School"

Corcoran discovers where Elizabeth really sent Annie, Francis discovers something about Mary, and Morehouse gets in league with some shady characters from the South.

"Arsenic and Old Cake"

On Copper, O'Brien and Corcoran look into a double homicide that may have been a revenge plot gone horribly wrong.

"La Tempête"

Detectives Maguire and O'Brien uncover a gang's scheme to rob a few of the wealthiest families in NYC on this episode of Copper.

"The Empty Locket"

Corcoran uncovers a new piece of evidence on this episode of Copper. It reveals clues about his daughter's death.

"In the Hands of an Angry God"

Racial tensions rise on Copper this week, as the body of an Irishman is discovered lynched and hanged. Corcoran has doubts over the initial suspect.

"Husbands and Fathers"

Detective Corcoran goes all out to protect Annie while the shady business dealings of the Morehouses deepen, and Corcoran hunts for his own family.

"Surviving Death"

We meet Detective Kevin Corcoran as he investigates the murder of a little girl on the premiere of Copper.

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