Watch Constantine Season 1 Episode 8 online to see John assist his old flame Anne Marie fight an ancient evil goddess. Meanwhile, members of the Resurrection Crusade track Zed down.

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Watch Constantine Season 1 Episode 8 online right now and right here via TV Fanatic. We offer an array of options, all of which will allow you to visit Mexico City with John and Chas as they reunite with another member of the fateful Newcastle crew; Anne Marie. After a couple welcomes their son into the world, Hugo returns to his wife's side to find her ripped to shreds. His baby boy has gone missing as well. Sister Anne Marie uses a type of astral projection to contact John and ask for his help. "Something stole a baby. It killed the mother. It ripped into her" Anne Marie tells John. Though she obviously dislikes him now, Constantine owes her. As it turns out, the two were a couple in their youth and Anne Marie is responsible for introducing John to the occult. John leaves Zed behind this time, and instead takes Chas with him to Mexico. The two are shocked to learn Anne Marie is nun. She shares all the details of the murder with her one time friend. Back at the millhouse, Zed goes exploring and learns some of the place's secrets. She decides to meet the model, Eddie, for a drink. The guy was obviously up to no good, one touch and Zed realizes this too. When she confronts him, we're told her real name is Mary and that her father wants her home. In Mexico, John and Anne Marie dig up the mother's placenta which was buried in the family's backyard. They realize the tree is full of bloody, fleshy fruit, which soon begins to bleed. This is a clue the baby is still alive. John also deduces the demon is one of Eve's sisters. When a second baby goes missing, it doesn't take John long to figure out this is a family curse. Hugo's grandmother warns them about la brujeria; a group of prehistoric warlocks. John finally makes a connection between the brujeria and The Rising Darkness. He comes up with a plan to trick the demon Lamashtu by offering a chicken filled with Hugo's blood. Anne Marie makes the hand off and Lamashtu rushed off with the enchanted poultry. Our trio follows her into the sewers and come across the other missing babies. When confronted Lamashtu confesses the brujeria have figured out how to break the boundary between Hell and Earth. John invokes Lamashtu's demon rival, Pazuzu, to take her down. Suddenly, an Ivunche appears and Anne Marie shoots John and leaves him as a sacrifice in order to escape with the child. Will he survive?

Episode Details

On Constantine Season 1 Episode 8, John and Chas are called upon to help fight an ancient evil that has surfaced in Mexico City.

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0 (22 Votes)
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Constantine Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Anne Marie: Something stole a baby. It killed the mother. It ripped into her.
Zed: What just happened?
Constantine: I told you she's not here. Ripped how? Teeth or claws? This thing have fangs, fur?
Anne Marie: I don't know.
Constantine: Then how do you know there's not a mortal explanation?
Anne Marie: I wish it had been human. I would have gone to someone else for help. Anyone else.
Constantine: And what's stopping you? There's plenty of occult experts in Mexico.
Anne Marie: They don't owe me, you do.

Constantine: Come on love, you're skipping all the juicy parts.
Anne Marie: No, I told you exactly what I saw.
Constantine: You can't just sit there in a bloody nun's habit and pretend we don't have nothing to cover. I always figured that one of us would flee to Mexico, but I thought there'd be tequila involved; or skinny dipping.
Anne Marie: More jokes. That's incredible; that what happened to Astra didn't change you at all.