Watch Constantine Season 1 Episode 6 online to see John struggle with exorcising a young boy taken over by a malevolent spirit. Will the boys parents go along with John's plan?

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Watch Constantine Season 1 Episode 6 online right now and right here via TV Fanatic. We offer an array of options, all of which will allow you to see if John can put aside his misgivings about exorcising a child after Newcastle and get to work. A young child murders her parents in Birmingham, Alabama and the scry map sends John and Chas there. While surveying the scene of the crime, Manny appears and tells John it's time to prepare their battle plans. "I know there's a darkness rising John. It's ancient beyond measure" Manny tells him. John's uses a quick spell to figure out the young girl is responsible for the killings. A former client of John's (and paralegal) helped him figure out what was going on and lead him to Marcelo, the first victim. However, upon visiting Marcelo, John realizes the man is fully catatonic. Meanwhile, the malevolent spirit takes possession of a little boy named Henry. John and Chas realize all the murders took place along the same ley line. Using a thurible and frankincense they walk the ley line leading them right to young Henry's house. Unfortunately, John decides to keep his distance and simply keep an eye on Henry. The next day at school, Henry seriously injures another student prompting John to tell the boy's parents the truth. While the boy's mother seems to believe John, the father has him arrested. While he's locked up, Manny pays him another visit. The angel informs John he's watched over him for a long time and can offer guidance. John is unsure what to make of this conversation, but when Henry's mother realizes Constantine was telling the truth she bails him out. Along with Chas they attempt a seance at the first victim's house but it does not work. They return to the boy's house and now fully possessed the boy runs off to a nearby carnival. Inside the funhouse, John confronts the malevolent spirit and realizes it's none other than Marcelo. "An ax of course. I know who you are boy, even if you've forgotten" John says. Constantine manages to exorcise Henry sending the spirit right back into catatonic Marcelo. The man wakes up at the asylum and needless to say isn't too pleased to be there.

Episode Details

On Constantine Season 1 Episode 6, when a malevolent spirit takes hold of a young boy, John is forced to consider exorcising the child.

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Constantine Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Constantine: Marcelo was useless the poor bastard; fully catatonic. You know most people who survive a possession they're down right chatty about the ordeal.
Chas: Tough break for him.
Constantine: Not entirely, his parents got what they deserved. But we have to stop this evil entity mate, it's a bloody serial killer through the ages.

Constantine: Smells of burning but there's no sign of fire. Some serious telekinetic energy was spent here last night. What is it you want?
Manny: Battle plans John. Time to draw 'em up.
Constantine: Battle plans eh? You know bugger all about what we're up against.
Manny: I know there's a darkness rising John. It's ancient beyond measure. You're going to stem the tide of its attacks.