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John's mate Gary Lester, of the Newcastle crew, flew into town hoping for assistance in containing a demon he accidently released into the world.

Meanwhile, John gets a visit from Manny the angel who discusses Zed with him. He wants to make sure their new psychic ally will help their cause. "She's as tough as they come this one" John assures the angel.

When John and Zed return to the safe house, they find Gary Lester floating in a zero gravity trap. He shares his story about helping a man with containment markings all over his face. "Some bastard had trapped a demon in him" Gary informs them. Unfortunately, the entity was set free.

John makes it clear he does not trust Gary, who after the Newcastle incident is now a full fledged junkie. He goes off on his own to visit a shaman he knows for more information on the case. They shaman provides a powerful hallucinogen which allows them to have a shared vision.

The two men witness another shaman sacrificing a young man to contain the hunger demon. That's right, the very same young man Gary claims to have helped.

John realizes he will need a sacred Kusa to trap the entity inside a living human being. A detail he does not share with Gary until it is too late.

John and Gary finally partner up. They steal a Kusa from a nearby museum and make their way to a theater where the entity was last seen.

John informs Gary the demon requires a sacrifice. "No cage, bottle or vessel can hold it; only a body. A live human body."

Poor Gary understands right away he is meant to be the sacrifice. Instead of drawing straws with John over it, he accepts this as an opportunity to make his life mean something. It's his responsibility to stop this demon at all costs.

After performing an incantation and trapping the hunger demon inside Gary, John uses the Kusa to carve the binding patterns on his friend's face.

Gary Lester's mistake had cost him his life. Manny appears to comfort both John and the dying Gary.


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Constantine Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

As soon as I saw him I knew it. He had these containment markings all over his face. You know the power patterns for binding. Some bastard had trapped a demon in him. I knew what I had to do.


Manny: How's she doing? You think she can help us?
Constantine: She's more than handled herself this far.
Manny: Putting a lot of time and effort into her. Let's hope it's not wasted. Wouldn't want to go down that road again.
Constantine: She's as tough as they come this one. And it's just until we can sort out this rising darkness nonsense. Then she's free to go on her own merry way.
Manny: Unless you scare her off before. Not everybody's cut out to do what you do and not everybody has the stomach to watch you do it.