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Community Season 1

"Pascal's Triangle Revisited"

What a great opening season for Community. It comes to an end this week, as we recap the first season finale, "Pascal's Triangle Revisited."

"English as a Second Language"

Annie sabotaged her study group this week because she didn't want to see it break up. But, by the end of the half hour, Jeff and company and found a new class to take together.

"Modern Warfare"

It's every man and woman for himself this week on Community. A paintball war breaks out around campus, as the study group turns on one another.

"The Art of Discourse"

The study group is divided this week. The reason? Pierce crosses a line with Shirley. Elsewhere, Jeff and Britta take on some bullies.

"Contemporary American Poultry"

When there's a chicken finger shortage at Greendale, the gang gets Abed to get a job as a cook to begin sneaking them chicken.

"Beginner Pottery"

Pierce invites his pals to his boating class during the half hour while Jeff signs up for a Beginner Pottery class.

"The Science of Illusion"

Britta tries to break the notion of her breaking a "buzzkill" with a prank; Annie and Shirley, as cops, are sent to investigate the prank gone wrong.

"Basic Genealogy"

This episode is titled "Basic Genealogy." We've got a full rundown of events from it.

"Physical Education"

On this episode, the group tries to help Abed land a girl. It's titled "Physical Education."

"Communication Studies"

When Britta drunk dials Jeff, he must do the same to restore the balance; Troy and Pierce send themselves Valentine's presents.

"Romantic Expressionism"

This week's episode is titled "Romantic Expressionism." Read on for a detailed recap of events from it.

"Interpretive Dance"

We learn about an affair this week on Community. The episode is titled "Interpretive Dance."

"Investigative Journalism"

Jack Black guest stars on this episode. It's titled "Investigative Journalism."

"Comparative Religion"

Shirley does the preparations for an upcoming holiday party. Jeff goes up against a school bully (Anthony Michael Hall) after being challenged to a fight.

"The Politics of Human Sexuality"

It's STD week at Greendale and Shirley and Britta help Annie; Britta dares Jeff to find a partner for a double date with Pierce and his girlfriend.

"Environmental Science"

Jeff must befriend Chang to convince him to calm down with assignments; Pierce coaches Shirley on public speaking; Troy and Abed lose their lab rat.

"Debate 109"

Jeff joins the debate team with Annie; Britta tries to quit smoking with Pierce's help; Abed makes predictive videos.

"Home Economics"

When the club learns Jeff has been living out of his car they come to his side; Pierce joins Vaugh's band; Annie helps Troy plan his date with another girl

"Introduction to Statistics"

Annie throws a Day of the Dead party for extra credit; Pierce experiments with drugs; Jeff likes his Statistics teachers

"Football, Feminism and You"

Dean Pelton blackmails Jeff to get Troy to play football; Britta tries to explore her softer side in the bathroom

"Advanced Criminal Law"

Senor Chang warns he'll fail the whole class if the cheater doesn't come forward and Jeff protects the defendant; Annie and Pierce compose a new school song

"Social Psychology"

Shirley and Jeff gossip about Britta's new boyfriend; Annie enrolls Troy and Abed as subjects for an experiment

"Introduction to Film"

Jeff joins Professor Whitman's class to try an get an easy A but realizes how much work it will be; Britta helps Abed fulfill his dreams

"Spanish 101"

Senor Chang asks students to pair up for a project this week on Community. The episode is titled "Spanish 101."


On the opening episode of Community, Joel McHale's Jeff forms a study group at a community college. Why? To get close to a girl, of course.

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