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-A transport is hit by an IED and two friends of Vans are injured. One was hurt in the blast, then got up and shot the other, Kumar when he tried to run. The military believes Kumar is Taliban.

-Vans swears his friend isn't Taliban and tries to speak to him even after Marks tells him not to, forcing Marks to detain him.

-The detainee escapes but is re-captured. Vans is cleared of involvement but he's angry with Marks.

-When Kumar is transferred to an Afghan hospital, the truck is hit by the Taliban and they take Kumar. Vans' other friend is badly injured. Simon thinks he won't make it.  Vans is crushed.

-Simon performs an ophthalmological procedure with a paperclip on a General who screams whenever someone comes near his eyes.

Combat Hospital
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Combat Hospital Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

The eyedrops won't do any good if you keep closing your eyes.


They treat me like I'm one of them.