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-Pvt. Henry Flax is considered his unit's  good luck charm until a long dormant injury puts his life in danger. 

-Rebecca and Simon operate but Flax ends up brain dead.  His greatest wish was to be an organ donor.  Rebecca tries to have him flown to Germany on a respirator so that they can harvest his organs but military protocol won't allow it since he has no family.

-Col. Marks pulls some strings and Flax ends up on the plane to Germany.

-Bobby has great success with his medical study and Rebecca is jealous. She questions why Bobby is always so nice. Bobby admits that if he's helpful, people will like him more.

-A female patient of Pedersen's propositions her. Pedersen refuses to admit if she is gay but tells the patient that she is not available.

-Rebecca overhears Simon talking on the phone about serious money issues. He is agitated but won't divulge the details.

Combat Hospital
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Combat Hospital Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

He does have a great ass for a selfish, arrogant, neurosurgeon.


Against regulation. Well, all good things in life are.