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-Bobby tells Rebecca her test results came back and there's nothing wrong with her.

-Joe, a undercover special forces operative brings in a patient with a strange bacterial infection. He also flirts with Rebecca.

-The infection spreads from patient to patient causing one fatality. The hospital is put under quarantine.

-Dr. Tarzi, an specialist in local infectious diseases diagnosis it as a bacteria specific to Afghanistan. Joe stays in quarantine with the seriously ill man, risking his own life. Luckily, the new medication works.

-An Afghan woman needs surgery for a abscessed tonsil. Rebecca sneaks her onto the base because her father could kill her if he finds out she's had outside contact. 

-Col. Marks reprimands Rebecca for bringing the woman onto the base without informing him. If she does something like that again he will have her shipped home. Luckily the surgery goes well and the woman's father actually thanks Rebecca.

-Simon sleeps with a nurse, Beverly and then dumps her when he finds out she isn't being shipped out like he thought. He tells her that neurosurgeons don't do ordinary. They don't do romance.

Combat Hospital
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Combat Hospital Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I would have done the same thing as you. I just wouldn't have let him catch me.


Would you mind not passing notes during rounds, it's distracting.